fox and thomas

Fox and Thomas : Server and Desktop Refresh with Multivendor Management

Industry: Legal 

Business Challenge: As a regionally based organisation, the need for a clear IT roadmap is paramount to manage and plan upgrades effectively. With a scheduled hardware refresh approaching, coupled with a significant practice management platform update, timing, planning, and implementation were crucial considerations to negate unscary downtime.  

Solution: With an upgrade pending release for the organisation’s primary practice management software, there was a requirement to fast track testing and delivery in line with the infrastructure refresh. As with any refresh of this size, liaising with the management team is essential; however, vendor coordination and stakeholder management were also critical. Trimble Networks engaged Lawmaster and key Fox and Thomas staff, to ensure the platform was thoroughly tested and any vendor issues resolved. Trimble Networks provided a smooth refresh of the Hyper-V server, desktop hardware replacement and staff reprofiling. 

Result: The project demonstrated how even under tight deadlines, with careful planning, multivendor teamwork, and stakeholders management, a project could deliver an effective outcome with minimal business impact.  

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