New website and brand launch

Trimble (283)

We’ve got some exciting news.  

We’re revitalising our brand, which means Trimble is going to look a bit different soon.  

You’re important to us so we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about why it’s happening and what it means for you.  

Trimble is moving into an exciting phase that honours our past and looks to the future, with a visual brand that reflects who we really are.  

Gone are the days of hiding away in the basement. Your IT gurus have moved up in the world, literally. We’ve relocated to bright, modern offices in Milton. 

And our brand is elevating with us.  

We’re stepping into the light and bringing our people into focus. We know it’s the friendly faces behind our screens that make us special.

To accompany our fresh look, we’ve transformed our website so it reflects Trimble’s innovation, personality, and vision.  

Our mission has always been clear:  

  • Deliver premium, personalised services 
  • Streamline your systems and keep them secure 
  • Help you increase productivity 
  • Boost your competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital world 

Now, that mission shines through every inch of our new website and we have built a brand we can be proud of.

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